We all know that cold weather means low humidity and this combined with dry air acts as a sponge and soaks up all the water in your skin. When it’s cold there’s less moisture in the air and winter weather demands skincare that’s heavier and that protects the skin more than usual.

Tips to prepare your skin for winter:
• Use Sunscreen: even though its winter and the sun is not that hot, we still need to protect our skins from the damage caused by UVA and UVB rays.
• Drink lots of water: Our skins loose vital moisture in the colder months, make sure to keep hydrated from the inside by drinking at least eight cups of water before bed.
• Avoid the peels: If your skin is prone to be very dry, avoid using harsh peels, masks and alcohol based toners.
• Avoid super-hot water: Hot water strips your skin of vital moisture. Rather opt for a luke warm wash on your face.

With Juliette Armand we are able to treat dehydrated and dry skin with various products, here are our top winter picks:

Vitamin Complex Serum
Juliette Armand Vitamin Complex Serum is known as a nutritional serum for your skin, it contains vitamins A, E and F that are essential for the normal functioning of the skin. It is excellent for anti-ageing treatments as it prevents the formation of free radicals, nourishes the cells and restores skins youthful appearance.

Recommended retail price for the Vitamin Complex Serum: R 645.00

Vitality Cream Mask
Revitalise, tones, firms and moisturise tired skin. It provides the skin with amino acids and essential fatty acids for the preservation of its natural moisture balance protecting the skin from winter distress and environmental damage. It’s an innovative cream mask with a fine texture that contains spirulina for a firming effect. Excellent as an overnight treatment and for travellers.

Recommended retail price for the Vitality Cream Mask: R 510.00

Nourishing Night Cream
A Nourishing anti-wrinkle night cream with visible red microcapsules of vitamins A and E. Concentrated with retinol which penetrates into the deeper skin layer for more effective cellular nourishment during cold and wet months. The skin is revitalised and regains its natural glow preventing appearance of wrinkles and smoothes any existing ones.

Recommended retail price for the Nourishing Night Cream: R 725.00

Make sure you keep your skin hydrated with Juliette Armand this winter season.

Poise Brands is the exclusive distributor of Mii Cosmetics, Juliette Armand, Mio and Mama Mio skincare in South Africa. For more information, a stockist near you or to order directly from Poise Brands, please visit www.poisebrands.co.za or contact Poise Brands on +27 11 033 0500.

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